Unleash your inner adventurer at Dahilayan, Bukidnon

Dahilayan Adventure and Forest Park are one of the greatly visited mountain parks in Mindanao, Philippines. It offers a wide selection of outdoor, fun-filled adventures that the young and old alike can definitely enjoy. If flying in the air with a wire cable or jumping from an 8-storey sky jump tower appeals you then brace yourself as you have found the perfect place where you can spoil your adventurous soul. Yet if these sound rather scary, have courage, as 2017 should be your year to get bolder!

There are two(2) adventure parks in Dahilayan, Bukidnon; (1) Dahilayan Adventure Park and (2) Dahilayan Forest Park.

So, where are Dahilayan Adventure and Forest Parks located?

The parks are situated at Barangay Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich Bukidnon at the foot of Mount Kitanglad ; an inactive and the fourth highest mountain in the Philippines, at North-Central Mindanao and should take only two(2) hours (more or less) drive from Cagayan de Oro City proper.  For a complete guide on how to get there, kindly refer to my previous article on How to get to Dahilayan, Bukidnon from Manila, Cebu and CDO.

Dahilayan Adventure Park:

The following are the list of complete activities available for you at Dahilayan Adventure Park. I have tried the Ropes Course, Drop Zone, Sky Jump and both the longest and shorter Ziplines. So, basically, I could only share about my experience doing these four (4) different adventures.

First thing, we went to the ticket office and chose our desired package which consisted of the activities I have enumerated above. They actually have packages prepared for you already but you can always ask them to change some of the activities in the package as long as it would total to the same price. In our case, we enjoyed the Ropes Course, Drop Zone, Sky Jump Tower, Longest and 350 mtrs + 150 mtrs Zipline for only 1,200.00Php per person. 

After that, they gave us this wristband below. Please refer to the list, after the image, for the complete prices of the activities. *Discounted when in package.

P.S: I strongly suggest that you try Drop Zone because, in my personal POV, it is the most terrifying and exciting adventure among the others. Your Dahilayan adventure wouldn’t be as fulfilling when you miss it!


Rides and Activities:

  • Python Roller Zipride (PHP 300.00)
  • Ropes Course (PHP 200.00)
  • Canopy Glider/Flying Lizard (PHP 250.00)
  • Drop Zone 120ft. Freefall Ride  (Single: PHP 500.00 / Tandem: PHP750.00)
  • Asia’s Longest Zipline 840 mtrs (PHP 500.00)
  • Zipline 320 meters + 150 meters (PHP 250.00)
  • Skytower Base  Jump (PHP 400.00)

*20% discount is entitled to guests at Pinegrove Mountain Lodge in all Dahilayan Adventure Park rides.

Contact No.: 0917-622-3204

Dahilayan Forest Park:

This forest park is true to its name. You will find yourself in a forest of tall pine trees and man-made (cemented)  animal figures. Apart from that, they also offer rides and activities. From the list below, I have tried Luge and Hanging Bridge (this comes free when you try Luge). received_10153886830016024

Luge is a game changer. It is fun and truly satisfying. You get two rounds for one ticket and I must say, this is perfect if you try it with a group. Prices of the activities are listed below.

P.S: The park houses a restaurant which serves VERY delicious food. Must try!

Rides and Activities:

  • Forest Luge (PHP 600.00)
  • ATV (PHP 750.00)
  • Buggy Trail (PHP 1,200.00)
  • Forest Putt Mini Golf (PHP 50.00)
  • Treetop Adventure (PHP 250.00)
  • AstroZorbit Ride/ Zorb (PHP 250.00)
  • Barrel Train (PHP 50.00)
  • Bumper Boat (PHP 150.00) add PHP 50.00 for Tandem
  • Hanging Bridge (PHP 100.00)
  • Bungee Bounce (PHP 150.00)
  • Net Trampoline (PHP 50.00)

Contact Nos.: 09156018476 / 09156018477 / 09989984399

*Prices are based on my recent visit last October 2016. 


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