A Glimpse of Bangkok and Pattaya,Thailand

Written by Darsh Sidhpura (contributor)


Thailand is a place of so many great things, however the most amazing part of thailand is its beautiful beach and its island around the country. It is  country itself is full of various ancient traditions and beautiful history.

Thailand is best place to blow off all ur steam and have amazing relaxing time at nice warm and beach and forget about everything. One week in thailand will surely bring joy and will help people forget about their daily routine and have perfect time with their love ones.

Thailand have many tourist places and among them, Bangkok, Phoket and Pattaya, are one of the most famous places. I have visited Bangkok and Pattaya and I will be sharing with you how wonderful experience it was!

The cost of getting to Bangkok from UK is the most expensive part of my trip. However, it depends on where you are traveling from. From Philippines there is a direct Cebu Pacific flight from Manila to Bangkok for only 7,000.00 Php-10,000.00Php. In my case, it cost me around £300 from UK to Bangkok. Surely, you can find it cheaper on promotion.

I have stayed in Bangkok, Thailand at Citrus Sukhumvit 13 Nana Bangkok by Compass Hospitality. The hotel was really good. It cost me around 3400 THB (Thailand Baht, its LOCAL CURRENCY) for 2 nights. In Philippine peso, it will cost you around 4,930.00 Php for 2 nights. For this price it was already really good hotel I would recommend this hotel if you’re going for short stay. The location of this hotel is very good area as it is only around one of the major and famous shopping malls of Thailand.

The transportation in bangkok is very fun. One of the experiences in which everyone should try, and I dont mean Pink taxies, but TUK TUK which is like three wheeled rickshaw in India. However, you have to be careful a little bit specially during night time. This warning was surprisingly given to us by the hotel staff and a note is hanged in room to inform us of the things that we should watch out for. The cost of tuk tuk is more economical and cheaper then taxi. You can also negotiate with drivers and also sometimes taxi drivers. The distance from Bangkok Airport is around 20 to 25 mins during night and at day time during traffic as it could take up to 1 hour.

There are many other beautiful places to visit in Bangkok itself however due to limited time I could not visit all these wonderful places.

*To be updated*


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